May. 29, 12


Photographed by Jenica Mendoza

Here’s my song choice for this post. It’s another recent favorite of mine which I played over and over last week because it’s definitely good vibes down my spine with it’s upbeat lyrics and rhythm. It’s just as if I’m cruisin down the road on my way to the beach. I picked this track up from the guys(Gelo, Arvin, Danty & Paolo) last Sunday on our way to Greenbelt for dinner after just arriving in Manila. These boys have good taste in music, I got a lot of awesome tracks, and I’ve been making them my post titles.

I’m not everything you want, I’m just a tease, maybe a matter of touch… With your high heels on, you killed the sun.”

Hollywood by RAC




Shoes by ROME Shop on Facebook| Printed Top, thrift| Skirt, custom-made (PM me for orders)| Necklace from Divisoria

I still haven’t had time to think, or maybe I just subconsciously chose not to make time for myself in order to avoid reflecting on certain things I have to face sooner or later. It’s not just about the recent happenings over the past week, but maybe more so of the things I was looking for over the summer. I’m faced with a ton of school projects already, upcoming events and gigs, I have to converse to people most of the time and when I’m at home I just face the internet and resort to music. At the end of it, I still wonder when will I ever make time for myself and just stop for a moment and think without anything distracting me at all. 


Music has been my greatest drug these days, what would I ever do without it? Next to it comes a list of several other synthetic sensations with temporary but effective effects that has been my way of coping up. Unlike some people, I just don’t feel the need of devastating one’s self. What’s there to be upset about when I don’t feel such sadness? Do I have to force it? I’m practically numb already. 

I guess my blog has become a very personal, open space, free for all to read. These words are still filtered, most of you guys won’t even understand fully what I’m saying. I’m hoping someday I’ll be able to share entirely what Im trying to figure out, in the hope of shedding light to those of you in confusion like I am. 

For now, This is me.


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BIG DEAL - Dream Machines

I NEED YOU(Divergent Soundtrack) -M83

EYES CLOSED (Dennis Sohl Edit)- The Narrative

SMALL BUMP - Ed Sheeran


TEAM- Lorde


WAVES(Bootleg) - Robin Schuz

DOSES AND MIMOSAS (Noah Hyde Remix)- Cherub

BLOOD BANK (Flicflac Remix)- Bon Iver

KILL FOR LOVE- Chromatics

MEDICINE(Chainsmoker Remix)- Daughter

LET HER GO(Passenger remix)- Peer Kusiv


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