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As Fashion Design Students, we never lingered away from using fabric as the major component of our garments and when this project came, it was the total shock of transition and disposition when we had no choice but to deal with metal as the major material of our garment. And handling metal wasn’t the only thing we needed to approach, we also had to create these in 3Dimensional Designs with moving mechanisms. 

This was unquestionably the most challenging, mind killing and severe project we have ever faced. We were only given a span of five days to create and finish this, so here is a track I could name this project after from reggae group, Iration.

Time Bomb by Iration

This was for our Apparel Creative Design Class under our Chairperson, Miss Mitali Goswami. This was an extreme leap from our first project in which we just simply had to decorate hats, bags and shoes with floral embellishments as you can see in my past blog posts.

I don’t think any other fashion school here in the Philippines lets their students deal with industrial material, so therefore, we are doing something exciting, adventurous and incomparable. This project opened our perspective that as fashion designers, we are not just limited to fabric as the basic component of our garments.


It was a good thing that we were allowed to work in groups; we were tasked to design 8 different designs, inspired by Vehicles & Transformers combined in one. Our chosen design was inspired by the 1920’s vehicle; we really incorporated the wheels and the hood to be specific. The wheels were rotating.

Project Cost: P7000 ++

Here’s our basic sketch of the base when we were explaining it to the boys so they could determine how we could go about this.

DAY 01 TUESDAY, 6-9pm

At this hour, we’d already be on our way home, but since this was due on saturday, we just had to jumpstart to work. NJ, Regina, Chanel & I was the first group to start working.

Basic things we had to figure out was how to do the pattern and the frame for the skirt. This was very intensive work which was very mind draining. 

IMG_6062.JPG_effected IMG_6048.JPG_effected IMG_6054.JPG_effected

DAY 02, WEDNESDAY started somewhere around 2:45PM til 9PM

We pretty much had a progress with the metal frame of the skirt. Today it was our first time to handle metal cutters, drills, riviters,welding rods and the like. These were terms and methods we’ve never come across with so yeah this was incredibly educational.

We had a good help from our friends who were from the Industrial Design Department.Can I just say that it was so awesome to be working with them because its been a while that we’ve actually spent time with them, especially to James, Jackie, Itos, Carlo & Rigel, who have been our friends since first year college. They were entitled to OJT points for every project they help us finish, so this was a win-win situation, a good collaboration between both departments.

IMG_6064.JPG_effected IMG_6070.JPG_effected IMG_6076.JPG_effected IMG_6080.JPG_effected IMG_6087.JPG_effected IMG_6102.JPG_effected IMG_6108.JPG_effected

James is one my longest guy friend in college, we’ve been close for quite some time though I’ve never spent so much time with him anymore lately. Working on their floor just brought the fun back between all of us friends. Nothing changed, James is still the same as you can see with the next photos.

I got my phone, surprised to see this as my wallpaper.

IMG_6104.JPG_effected-001 IMG_6112.JPG_effected IMG_6106.JPG_effected IMG_6126.JPG_effected IMG_6114.JPG_effected IMG_6119.JPG_effected IMG_6141.JPG_effected

End of Day 02, we were exhausted. We found some energy to still laugh about the little things.

Day 03, Thursday

Today was the day we hit rock bottom when we realized that the pattern to cover the metal bar frame made from metal sheets wasn’t going to work. It was really energy draining and we just lost our minds trying to find a resolution to it which was to cut things into smaller pieces which led to more work but it was the only way.

Didn’t even get to take so much photos today. I can’t even explain how intensive it was.

IMG_6147.JPG_effected IMG_6155.JPG_effected IMG_6160.JPG_effected IMG_6167.JPG_effected

I actually liked handling the drill, thought it took time with the metal bar. I enjoyed this the most. Carlo was the most helpful person to our group ever. We can’t imagine how we would have made it through without his incredible help.

Day 04, Friday, 6AM-9PM

Since yesterday didn’t go so well and we still had a long way to go, we had to meet up in school as early as six in the morning. Never in my life have I felt this kind of mental and physical exhaust if you can only imagine the amount and kind of work we had to go through. 

Even my sleep was disturbed because it was too bothered thinking about how our process would go today to a point that I had to wake up in the middle of the night because my dreams were actually thoughts on this project. None of us had a good rest that night.


Here’s Zoe, and he calls this his working outfit. I loved the fact that he called this his “ragged” and “haggard” look when in fact, it’s still pretty stylish.


Today is the day I wore a t-shirt to school and this rarely happens. I was too tired to even think about what to wear today. I’m working with the sanding machine here; it smooths edges.


The Industrial Floor’s hallway is currently filled with the Fashion Students, I guess after these projects, this floor would go back to being spacious and quiet. We’ll miss this floor for sure.


IMG_6262.JPG_effected IMG_6263.JPG_effected

This was my first time working with NJ and I liked working with him and his work ethics. I’ve learned a lot of things from him especially after this project when we would talk and just open up to each other. He works very passionately and I like people who really understand the value of hard work.

DAY 05, SATURDAY: The Deadline

The Lab would close at 12nn and most of the groups, including us, were useless without the machines and we couldn’t finish things anymore. Thank God, our professor, Miss Mitali extended the deadline to next tuesday morning. We couldn’t believe it, that was an awesome news.

Later that night, I could finally relax and loosen up. Really, it felt good to not having to worry about metal and machines the next day. It was Migs’ Birthday Celebration at his house; perfect opportunity to drink and just breathe.

IMG_6266.JPG_effected IMG_6277.JPG_effected

Day 06, Monday

Everyone was pretty chill with working today since most of us just had minor things left to do. It wasn’t stressful anymore and we could finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Today marks a major opening to the next chapter of incidents and happenings. So much has changed.

IMG_6280.JPG_effected IMG_6282.JPG_effected IMG_6289.JPG_effected

Carlo Uychua has been such an angel to our group, we really couldn’t have finished this without the help he gave. In spite being in tensioned situations, Carlo still keeps his smile and that really made most of us feel lighter during the process. 

Thank You Choo Choo!



Later this evening, we were working with a relaxed mind already, most of us were already done, we could just finally sit down and breathe. It was an incredible feeling to achieve all of this.

I felt so fulfilled and happy when I got home.

IMG_6576.JPG_effected IMG_6589.JPG_effected IMG_6598.JPG_effected IMG_6603.JPG_effected IMG_6628.JPG_effected IMG_6634.JPG_effected

Tuesday Morning: Final Submission

If you’ve noticed, Chanel and I are wearing skirts to school again! During the entire process we weren’t allowed to wear anything but full length pants to protect ourselves from the possible accidents that could happen.

Feels so good. We achieved what we just saw as a sketch and it feels surreal that WE DID this and finished this. This project just gives us a big boost of confidence in ourselves, we really can make anything happen.

IMG_6642.JPG_effected IMG_6646.JPG_effected IMG_6654.JPG_effected IMG_6656.JPG_effected 

One project down, another one about to begin! Stay tuned, I’ll be posting our final exhibit soon! It’s a must see.

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