So at first, I was thrilled that classes were suspended, though it was really stupid and pointless that they suspended it so late at six-thirty in the evening. Anyway, I thought getting stranded at SDA was rather enjoyable, for a while it was, hanging with Fico & Zoe while getting wet by the rain by the lobby was fun for a moment. You know those movies where people get stranded and a girl meets a cute guy? I was aiming for that, but bla, I got so bored, I wanted my laptop and internet so I was craving to go home.

I ran into Meg Lim, my fello FDM who also happens to dorm here in Taft. She was going to brave the rain so I decided to walk with her. Thank goodness for the two other gentlemen who made sure we made it safely. They secured us with their jackets, held the umbrella and led the way towards the Leon Guintto Road from SDA. For a while, it was just strong rain, that was fine. But by the time we got to Leon Guintto, HELL MY GOODNESS I WANTED TO RUN BACK TO SDA.

The flood was deep and until our knees. The first plunge of my leg down the water just grossed and scared the soul out of me. I felt the cold, dirty water enter my boots. :( My Hush Puppies:(( Meg & I just kept shreiking by how everything felt. Plus the roaches on the walls by St. Scho were really disgusting. The guys were such gentlemen; one went ahead of us to make sure the path was safe while the other one stood beside Meg & Me.

By the time we got to my dorm, I took off my boots and a handful of water poured out of it. Meg & her two other guy friends had to still brave the rain to their dorm. Hope they got home safely. And I rushed to the bathroom, scrubbed so hard with soap. And I probably applied alcohol every after one minute. Never have I experienced this yet. Well theres always a first time for everything. Hell.

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