June 25, 2010

We probably woke up around noon, Chesca and I. I already had it planted in my mind that I was going to really hear mass at Greenbelt. I partially had to convince her to go with me since she’s not really a fan of attending mass. She’s quite a little devil, according to Danica. Rushed with the bath and we got there by 3pm.

We met up with Danica then we sat down at Seattle’s Best, ordered drinks to pass the time until the mass. We used to not understand old people and the reason why they would want to waste time by drinking coffee. Now We understand why; its relaxing.

That’s Chesca’s drink with Black Jell-O. Its pretty tempting plus the whipped cream on top. I just got the Iced Vanilla Latte to provide me with the caffeine and fake energy to keep me awake. Its barely been hours since we went out last night!

Hello there dear Dani. I love how everything blurred intensely behind her, thanks to my 50mm. I missed Dani, I barely saw her during the past month since I haven’t passed by their dorm so much.

We decided to hear mass at 6pm instead so we went to Dani’s condo to pass the time. 

But before that, we passed by National Bookstore to buy yards of ribbons and other things I needed for my project. I wanted to work on it asap.  And Im so thankful the two of them were so eager to help me weave my project.

Chesca & Me went to mass, while Dani watched a movie with a few other Bacolod people. 

We met up again just in time for diner at Bacolod Chicken Inasal. Yum Yum where Bella, Nikki, Tanya & Lianne followed. Lianne and I had a lot of talking to do.:)

Chesca enjoying her chicken to the bone.

Afterwards, desert at Red Mango. This day is indeed filled with food. Thank You Lord for the Blessing. Tried Red Mango’s latest flavor; Berry Mix.

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